Are you not being found in the Search Engine listings?

  • Is your site not being found in Google?
  • Are you not ranking first page for your product or service?
  • Are your competitors ranking higher than you?

Then let me help you get found for local searches in Google!

I can turn your site around and help you get found for all those effective keyphrases that are so crucial to customers finding your services in the search engines. The process is called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short).

I can offer the following:

  • A full audit of your site. - I'll go through all the content of your site and assess the current keyword strategy and page structure and suggest how to imrpove on this.
  • Local Keyword Assessment - I will give a report on the keyphrases that your site needs to target for in order to rank for your services in the area that you operate in.
  • Site Content Re-write - Your site content can re-modified / re-written in order to have a more powerful effect for the search engine rankings.
  • Additional Page content Strategy - I will recommend and implement additional page content that will help you rank for all the keyphrases you are currently struggling to rank for.
  • Local Google Map Listing - I will ensure you are found in the local map listings that you see appear in Google for local area searches.
  • Rank in multiple local areas - Need to rank in more than one town or city? I can get you ranked for multiple areas that your business may operate in.
  • Have more than one service to advertise? - I can ensure that you are ranking for multiple services that your business may provide.
  • Monthly Optimisation Service - In order to keep your site effectively optimised all year round, I offer all of the above on a monthly basis.

How much does it cost?

The cost can depend on the size of the site, so while some sites may only need to rank for one keyphrase in one local area, some sites may need rank for multiple keyphrases in multiple towns and cities. In order for me to effectively assess your site please get in touch.

Sound good? Why not get in touch to discuss your project requirements:

Find out how I can help you with your new project by giving me a call on: 01924 501 813 / 07771 656 606 or contact me via the enquiry form.